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Introducing Queen Street Shoppes - a luxury, one-stop-shop for all things personalized. From party-ware such as cups, napkins, and koozies to beautiful desk-decor including personalized stationery and stamps, you can find it here!


A dynamic mother-daughter duo, Karen Brady, and daughter, Allie McNairy recently joined forces to offer customers a full-service product customization shop. Twenty years ago, Karen managed to make her hobby of printing and designing personalized drink-ware a prominent business - "Just Cups, Just for Fun". After marrying in 2017, Allie moved 1,400 miles across the country to North Carolina where she, too decided to join the personalized business industry with a heavy focus on personalized stationery. Shortly after, she launched "Allie McNairy Stationery".

Now in 2020, as life would have it, and in order to stay more connected, the two launched Queen Street Shoppes to combine forces and spheres. With over 20 years of experience from Karen and an energy and creative eye from Allie, Queen Street Shoppes leaves you wanting more as they offer high quality and stunning trending products.

Happy shopping!

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